Tecnopress - Off-line filters

ADVANTAGES OF OIL FILTERING IN A SECONDARY CIRCUIT Lower costs for purchase and disposal Costs are drastically reduced thanks to the increased service life of oil and to the reduced amounts of waste oil to dispose of. More productivity and reliability of your system A considerable reduction of downtime due to the accumulation of contaminating particles in oil, and as a consequence increased production and reliability. More protection for hydraulic components Constant removal of condensate and the reduction of solid particles in oil offer a longer service life to valves, pumps, filters and other hydraulic machine components. Better quality of oil Filtering takes place at a very low pressure (pressure ranging from 0 to 2.2 Bar) and without oscillation. A continuous filtering action Each TEC95 fine filtering system feature its own low-consumption pump and is independent with the respect to the machine on which it is installed. Oil in the tank is continuously filtered, even when the press is not working. Less wear of filters in the main circuit The high impure particle-capturing capacity of TEC95 filter cartridges reduces wear of filters installed in the main circuit, making their service life longer.